Measured Volume Set For Photosensitive & Oncology

A measured volume set for photosensitive and oncology purposes would typically refer to a specialized infusion set designed to address the specific needs and requirements of administering light-sensitive medications or chemotherapy drugs used in cancer treatment.

These sets may include additional features to protect the medication from light exposure and ensure safe administration. Here are some potential components and considerations for a measured volume set for photosensitive and oncology use:

Light-Blocking Tubing: The tubing used in the set may be constructed with materials that are opaque or have light-blocking properties. This helps to minimize or prevent exposure of light-sensitive medications or blood products to external light sources.

  • These products are specially made for Oncology patients, so that these light – sensitive API’s and pharmaceutical products should be protected from Light during use/ distribution.
  • SIZE :151/110/100
  • Flexible tube that helps in smooth medication.
  • Sterile, for single use only.
  • USP- Customized packaging & length versatility.
  • Packing details: 100 pcs per Inner Carton.
  • Master carton dimensions : 54x32x43 cm.