Provein ß™

The “Provein ß™” cannula is a relatively new and advanced peripheral intravenous cannula (PIVC) that was developed by Lars medicare a medical Disposable device company. The Provein ß™ cannula is designed to improve the success rate and longevity of peripheral intravenous access.

The Provein ß™ cannula features a unique design with a bidirectional flexible tip and an innovative safety hub. The flexible tip is designed to enhance cannulation success rates, reduce the risk of vessel damage, and improve patient comfort during insertion. The bidirectional flexibility allows the cannula to adapt to the natural movement of the vein, reducing the chance of dislodgment or infiltration.

Also available in PUR :Polyurethene.

  • Medical grade paper for primary packaging complying with standard ISO 868 .
  • We follow labelling standard – ISO15223:2007 and graphical symbol as per standard EN 980:2008.
  • We use only virgin plastic manufactured by reputed companies.
  • We follow sampling standard as per ISO 2859:1999.
  • Individually sterile & blister packed
  • Packing : 100/1000pcs per Inner /Master Carton.
  • Master carton dimension : 70 ×32×18 cm