It is used to pass the I.V. Fluid directly into the veins. The system of administration employs a drip chamber which prevents air entering into the blood stream and allows estimate and smooth flow of intravenous fluid in our vein.

Salient Features:

Made up of medical grade non toxic, non kinkable, soft PVC
Available with Bulb Latex / Tube Latex.
Drip Set comprises of Drip Chamber and Drip Tube.
Spike with Air vent (Non Vented also available).
Luer lock connector.
Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide gas.
Flow regulator to monitor the flow of I.V. Fluid passing through the drip
Packing details:

Latex-free option available.
Available in various premium variants.
Individually pouch packed.
Premium variants are available in a soft blister pack.
Inner carton packing: 25 sets.
Master carton packing: 500 Sets.
Master carton dimension : 67×44×32 cm.

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