Measured Volume Set with Fluid

A measured volume set with fluid, also known as a measured volume infusion set, is a medical device used for the controlled delivery of fluids or medications to a patient’s bloodstream. It is designed to accurately deliver a predetermined volume of fluid over a specified period of time.

The main components of a measured volume set with fluid typically include:

IV Bag: The IV bag contains the fluid or medication to be administered to the patient. The bag is usually made of flexible plastic and is pre-filled with the desired volume of fluid.

Drip Chamber: The drip chamber is a transparent chamber located in the IV tubing close to the patient. It allows for the visualization of the flow of fluid and helps prevent air bubbles from entering the patient’s bloodstream.

  • Cylinder, flexible, clear and calibrated measured volume chamber in size
  • Chamber has an in built Injection port and air inlet with bacteria filter.
  • Automatic shut off floating valve provided in chamber to prevent air trapping and to indicate volume of fluid in the chamber.
  • 15 micron fluid filter in the drip chamber.
  • Delivers approximately 60 drops/ml.
  • Soft and kink resistant PVC tube, 150 cm long.
  • Choice of Latex flush bulb/”Y”injection port/ Latex free.
  • EO sterilized.
  • Choice of packing: Ribbon pouch/ HM pouch.
  • Packing :10/100 sets per Inner/Master Carton.
  • Master carton dimension: 72x37x32 cms