Latex Gynaecological Gloves

Latex gynecological gloves are disposable gloves specifically designed for gynecological and obstetric procedures. They are made from natural latex rubber and are used by healthcare professionals during examinations, diagnostic tests, and various procedures related to women’s health. Here’s an overview of latex gynecological gloves:

Material: Latex gynecological gloves are made from natural rubber latex, which offers excellent elasticity and tactile sensitivity. The material allows for a comfortable fit and enhanced dexterity during gynecological procedures.

Length and Design: These gloves are typically longer than standard examination gloves, providing extended coverage for the hands and wrists. They often have a beaded cuff to ensure a secure fit and prevent the gloves from rolling down during use.

Product Information:

  • Material : Natural Rubber Latex.
  • Colour : Natural.
  • Sizes : 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8.
  • Length : 16 inches (400mm), 18 inches (460mm).
  • Impermeability : AQL 1.5.
  • Design : Anatomic.
  • Cuff : Beaded.
  • Finish : Micro rough.
  • Powder content : < 15 mg / dm2
  • Extractable Protein Level : < 200 micro gram/dm2
  • Sterilization : Ethylene Oxide/ Gamma Radiation.
  • Labeling : As per the sample picture in site following all legal rules and regulations / As per customer requirement.
  • Shelf Life : 5 years from the date of manufacture.