Latex examination gloves

Latex Examination Gloves

Latex examination gloves are disposable gloves made from natural latex rubber. They are commonly used in medical, laboratory, and other healthcare settings for non-surgical procedures. Here’s an overview of latex examination gloves:

Material: Latex examination gloves are made from natural rubber latex, derived from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Latex is known for its excellent elasticity and flexibility, providing a comfortable and snug fit on the hands.

Barrier Protection: Latex gloves act as a protective barrier against potential pathogens, body fluids, and other contaminants. They help prevent cross-contamination between the healthcare professional and the patient during examinations, diagnostic tests, and general patient care.

  • Latex examination gloves are used for protective covering for the hands from contamination. It offers safety and hygiene which are of paramount importance to both healthcare professional & patients.
  • Salient features:
  • Available in sizes i.e. X-Small, Small, Medium, Large & X-Large.
  • Made up of high quality natural rubber / latex.
  • Powder free/ Powdered.
  • High durability & barrier protection.
  • Non-allergic & comfortable to wear and use.
  • Shelf life: 5 years.
  • Packing Details:
  • Individually paper pouch packed.
  • Inner carton packing : 50 pairs.
  • Master carton packing : 500 pairs
  • Master carton dimension : 80×50×26 cm.