IV Set Oncology

An IV set specifically designed for oncology, often referred to as an oncology infusion set, is an intravenous infusion system tailored for the administration of chemotherapy medications and other treatments used in the management of cancer.

Oncology infusion sets are designed to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of chemotherapy drugs. They may include specialized features to accommodate the unique requirements of oncology treatments. Some key characteristics of an IV set for oncology may include:

  • Some Drugs are affected by light of special wave length and that should be protected from direct light.
  • These products are specially made for Oncology patients, so that these light – sensitive API’s and pharmaceutical products should be protected from Light during use/ distribution.
  • Flexible tube that helps in smooth medication.
  • Sterile, for single use only.
  • USP- Customized packaging & length versatility.
  • Packing details: 350 pcs per Inner Carton.
  • Master carton dimensions : 54x32x43 cm.