ProExt™ – IV Extension Line

An IV extension line, also known as an IV extension set, is a medical device used to extend the length of an existing IV tubing or catheter. It provides additional length and flexibility to the IV line, allowing for easier access, movement, and administration of fluids or medications to the patient.

The main components of an IV extension line typically include:

Male Luer Lock Connector: This is the end of the extension line that connects to the existing IV tubing or catheter. It has a threaded design that securely locks into a corresponding female Luer lock connector.

  • Extension tube provides separation of administration and insertion sites.
  • Minimizes mechanical irritation of blood vessel being used for access.
  • Reduces thrombotic events such as thrombophlebitis.
  • Increases patient comfort.
  • Ideal for administering contrast medium/fluids during imaging procedures that require patient to enter a gantry; e.g. CT and MRI Scans.
  • High quality kink-resistant tubing with smooth inner surfaces for laminar and non – turbulent flow.
  • Available in various tube lengths based on customer requirements.

Packing Details:

  • Individually sterile & soft blister packed.
  • Inner packing : 25 pcs.
  • Master carton packing : 200 pcs.
  • Master carton dimension : 38×29×42 cm.
  • Three Way Stop Cock with Extension Line