HME Filter

An HME (Heat and Moisture Exchange) filter is a medical device used in respiratory care to help humidify and filter the air patients breathe during mechanical ventilation or oxygen therapy. It is designed to mimic the natural humidification and filtration processes of the respiratory system.

The main features and functions of an HME filter include:

Heat and Moisture Exchange: The HME filter captures and retains the heat and moisture from the patient’s exhaled breath. When the patient inhales, the filter releases the stored heat and moisture into the inspired air, helping to humidify and warm it before it reaches the lungs. This helps prevent drying of the airways and reduces discomfort associated with dry, cool air.

  • HME filters are passive humidification systems that retain heat and moisture from the patient’s exhaled gas via a hygroscopic filter.
  • Helps to create normal conditions in the patient’s airway and lungs during exchange thus to reduce the risk of breathing and lung complications for patients in critical care and anesthesia environments.
  • Designed according to ISO standards to help facilitate connection to different ventilators and anesthesia systems.
  • Condensation surface with hygroscopic coating ensures effective moisture exchange and heat retention thus minimizing the moisture and heat loss of the patient.
  • Provides excellent moisture output greater than 30 mg H2O/L and also help provide efficient protection for both the patient and the equipment against various types of particles present in the breathing circuit.
  • Clear housing.
  • 99.9% filtration efficiency protection against Bacterial/Viral cross infections.
  • Low dead Space and low flow resistance.
  • With CO2 monitoring port.
  • Sterile, individually packed in poly pouch.
  • Packing: 25/100pcs per Inner/Master carton.
  • Master carton packing : 45×40×48 cm.